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Sekiguchi Ryu was a favored martial arts system of the Tokugawa Shogunate. It originated over 400 years ago at the beginning of Edo Period. It is most known for it's Jujutsu and is thought of as being one of the main three kobudo systems. Sekiguchi Ryu was founded  by Sekiguchi Yorokuuemon Ujimune. More widely known as Sekiguchi Jushin. He was part of the famous Imagawa clan and his aunt was wife to Tokugawa Iesu. Thus the close connection to the Tokugawas. After the fall of Imagawa to Nobunaga, Jushin devoted his life to martial arts and developed his system of Sekiguchi Ryu. Sekiguchi Ryu became famous throughout the land. Jushin, and later his posterity, became the "Goryugi Shinan" for the head of Kishu Han (Now Wakayama Prefecture) and servant of Tokugawa Yorinobu. From there it became a favorite to the Tokugawas. Even the 8th Shogun, Tokugawa Yoshimune, was a practitioner of Sekiguchi Ryu.


Sekiguchi Ryu Iaijutsu

Sekiguchi Ryu Iaijutsu (sword system) is a wild and violent art compared to the Yagyu system that was also a favorite of the Tokugawa. While the Daimyo practiced Sekiguchi Ryu, Yagyu was in charge of protecting the Daimyo. Perhaps that is why the Yagyu Kata are so quiet and graceful, as if not to disturb the Daimyo as he rests. While the famous Sekiguchi Kiai, "iieeii!" bellows out as if to say "If I'm awake, you are awake!" Besides the Kiai of the system, the "Tobi Chigai" or jumping switch of the feet is also a trademark of this school.


Higo Sekiguchi Ryu Iaijutsu

Performed By Scott Laking


Jushin Sekiguchi- (Ujimune) 1647-1711 Ancestors related to the powerful Imagawa family of Suruga province. Based on his own experiences of the arts of his ancestors he creates the Sekiguchi Ryu Yawara in the 17th century.

Rohaku Sekiguchi- Eldest son of Jushin Record Of Concern: Written to a powerful baron in the Edo period 1716. “Contempt for those so called “Masters of Bujutsu” who threw dust into peoples eyes by performing tricks to advertise their schools, thus debasing Bujutsu as a whole and bringing dishonor upon the real masters.”

Hachirozaemon Sekiguchi- Son of Jushin Creates school of Jujutsu and Bojutsu in Hiroshima during the 17th century. Calls his school the Shibukawa Ryu 渋川流.




Sekiguchi Ryu Himitsu Atemi Kyusho Zu

Secret Vital Point Striking Chart



This is a picture of the Densho manuscripts that are passed to students who receive a license in particular sections of the Sekiguchi Shinshin Ryu. The above opened manuscript is for their Jujutsu section of training. Below are pictured some of the techniques from these manuscripts.



The first section of training in Sekiguchi Shinshin Ryu are the 20 Kata of the Tetsuzuki (hand procedures) techniques. The first technique is Youryu. It is a type of seated armor wrestling. This is the most basic technique and at the same time, the Gokui or secret technique of the Ryu. In the Gokui-Ka or secret song of the art, it says: “Yawara is to make the strength of your enemy your own and to make your heart as a waving willow”.


"Yawara Tohateki No Chikara Wo Wareni Shite

Furishi Yanagi No Kokoro Narikeri”


Tetsuzuki (Hand Procedures) - Yoryu



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