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Nihon Goshindo Kenpo was founded by Taizen Takemori who studied Hakko Ryu with Shodai Soke Okuyama Ryuho. Takemori Sensei also studied Tenshin Shinyo Ryu, Sekiguchi Ryu, Jikishin Ryu, Shibukawa Ryu, and Kito Ryu. Takemori Sensei emphasized the striking of the vital points and formation of bodily weapons found in these old Jujutsu systems. Too many people think of Jujutsu as only a joint locking or throwing art, which is extremely inaccurate. Nihon Goshindo Kenpo was made known publicly and widely spread by Terumasa Takura Arai. My teacher Mike DePasquale Sr. studied the system under Nabuhasi Matoba. While most Japanese styles of Karate are mainly descended from Chinese arts, Nihon Goshindo Kenpo owes its development to the Jujutsu schools that flourished in the days of the Samurai. Nihon Goshindo Kenpo was first introduced into the United States in the early 1960s by Hara Naraki Sensei.



(Mike DePasquale Sr. & Pete Siringano)


(Mike DePasquale Sr. & His Wife Sparring In The Early Days)



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