New On-Line Registration for DePasquale Certification Programs

All Registrants MUST fill out this form to register for a DePasquale Certification Program. Upon submission of this form, you will be redirected to STEP 2 of the Registration Process and will be given a choice of payment options. You can pay on-line with PayPal, or you can send in your application with check, money order, or credit card info.

New Rebate Program!
Bring 5 or more black belts from your school or any other affiliated school and receive a $50 rebate per person.
Bring 8 or more people and receive a $50 rebate plus free certification for yourself.
If you qualify for this program, please call us at 201-666-7100 to arrange for rebate.

Streetwise S.A.F.T.E.Y for women
Streetwise S.A.F.T.E.Y for the family
INF Defensive Tactics


After you click "Submit" you will then go to the payment page where you select your payment option.