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Hall of Fame Lifetime Achievement Award

East Coast Grandmaster Michael DePasquale, Sr.
Receives Lifetime Achievement Hall of Fame Award from
World Renound Black Belt Magazine.

July 2005 – One of the true superstars of the Martial Arts, and one of the premieres Ju-Jitsu Pioneers of the twentieth century, Soke (Grandmaster) Michael DePasquale, Sr., was awarded an accolade that is at once well-deserved and long overdue. The award given to the great Soke was Black Belt Magazine’s Lifetime Achievement Hall of Fame Award. This was the very first award of its kind given by the magazine’s editorial staff. The special award encompasses not only the most recent contributions and ingenious innovations of the great Grandmaster, but the almost inconceivably combat effective maneuvers as far back as WWII, where he served his country in the Philippines and New Guinea in the CID (Criminal Investigation Detachment) receiving distinguished honors from his peers. In turning his formidable intellect to law enforcement, the Grandmaster amassed such a collection of medals, citations and awards, that his impressive office and his beautiful home lacked the wall space to display them all. He remains one of the most highly decorated law enforcement officers in American history.

Michael DePasqualeGrandmaster DePasquale, Sr., whose Martial Art career began in the early 1940’s distinguished himself time and time again as a true American Patriot, a dynamic Civic Leader, a tremendous citizen, and a loving husband, father, and friend. Whether one’s interest takes him or her to Law Enforcement, Military History, Explosive disarmament, Inventions (a respirator he created saved the life of a child), or, of course, Martial Arts, one needs look no further than this true Warrior of the twentieth Century. His most noteworthy contribution, however, is arguably in the realm of the Martial Arts. Today stricken with Parkinson’s his legacy in security and in Martial Arts continue, threw two of his four sons Arnold and Michael Jr. May God continue to bless this great man and his wonderful family.

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