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 At the annual International Federation of Ju-Jitsu Tribute to the Pioneers 2017at the double tree hotel Oct 7th and 8th with over 100 attendees and 80 black belts from across the country and a special defensive tactics safety program on Sunday The De Pasquale Safety and Self Defense Academy

 Also had their testing for the adults going for brown and high ranking black belts. They were (for brown belt) George Harcher, Brian Roccabruna, Anthony la Bianca and for 2nd degree black belt Josiah Stankus, for 3rd degree Rocky G, Michael Rasulo, Jeff Levin, Kevin Boylan, and Carl Zimitore last but not least for 4th degree John Welfel. They are all from the De Pasquale Martial Art Academy for a long time. We are Proud of all of them!! Congratulations to them all!

 Michael De Pasquale Jr. once again has made news when he was one of the few chosen in Washington D.C. to receive the AMAA Who's Who in the Martial Arts Award  along with a distinguished few throughout the country. De Pasquale comes from a family that truly pioneered the Martial Arts in America when his father a WWII  Veteran was one of the few to start a school in the 50's and also served his community with his high end security company and expertise in the field of counter terrorism and Safety.

 Michael Jr. who followed in his Dad's footsteps in the Martial Arts is now a world renowned personality in the Martial Arts with many accomplishments under his belt like publishing  books ,running his school in River Vale N.J. for 23 years which focuses on Safety and Self Defense, publishing severalmagazines and producing Action Movies.

 Michael De Pasquale Jr. also recently ran his renowned Action Film Academy at the Double tree Hotel in Fort Lee N.J. then 3 days later filmed the last scene in his soon to be released movie "The Operative" which was at the Action On film Festival in Vegas. And won several awards He is now offering certification classes on how to do fighting and falling for film along with his family's legendary safety and self defense programs. Soke Mike will also be in Crestview Fla on Jan 3rd with his great group of black belts now certifying in the De Pasquale Combat Jujitsu system  at Thomas Gordan's Taekwondo and hapkido school.

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Women's S.A.F.T.E.Y Mar 7th - 8th Learn More
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INF Defensive Tactics April 18th - 19th Learn More
SASA stunt fighting and falling for film May 30th - 31st Learn More
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Below is an overview of the current Certification programs that DePasquale Ju-Jitsu offers. At DePasquale Ju-Jitsu, we have been serving the Martial Arts and Law Enforcement communities since the 1940’s.

DePasquale Jujitsu Certification

Yoshitsune Combat Jujutsu
Add history and lineage to your curriculum with the DePasquale Combat Jujutsu Certification Program.

DePasquale Jujitsu INF CertificationINF Police Defensive Tactics

Specifically designed for School Owners, Instructors, Police Officers, Security and Military Personnel.

DePasquale Jujitsu CertificationsStunt Fighting and Falling

Teach your students what is taught at the AFA. Make your demos look like a Hollywood Stunt Show.


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If you are interested in sponsoring a certification program for blackbelts or seminars for all students, such as the defensive tactics for police, fighting and falling for film, SAFETY, and his combat and traditional Ju-Jitsu contact Soke Michael DePasquale Jr. today.

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